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6 Smart Ways to Save Money on the Holidays

6 Smart Ways to Save Money on the Holidays













L Bee Note: this post originally appeared in December 2015. Still relevant again this year, so I thought I’d re-publish. Thanks!

Ah, the holidays. Everyone is out decking the halls, drinking eggnog, and spending too much on gifts because they didn’t have a game plan beforehand. It’s so easy to go overboard when you’re getting things for friends and family, and while you may think that being broke is just something that happens during the holidays, that doesn’t have to be the case! Here’s a gift from me to you: My 6 best ways to save money on the holidays!


10 Ways to Make Your First Apartment Nicer

10 Ways to Make Your First Apartment Nicer

I hope everyone enjoyed a long, luxurious Thanksgiving weekend. I know I did (even though I’m paying for it playing catch-up this week!)

Have you ever been to a friend/significant other’s place and thought that their bachelor/bachelorette pad seemed more like a dorm room? I know there is something to be said for frugality in these situations, but most of the time when I encounter said apartments, I think about how the person must be struggling to adult properly and how far a little TLC would go.

The holidays are a perfect time for friends and family to gift you a couple of things to help you class up your apartment. And since our homes are where we go to rest and recharge, (there’s science behind this!) it makes sense to make them nice, right?

If you are a young adult living in your own apartment, this list is for you. If you’re not married and haven’t had a chance to round out your home via a wedding registry, also for you. And this list is especially perfect for parents who are still nice enough to holiday gift with their adult children, but may be stumped about what they need.

So, without further ado, I give you ten holiday gift ideas to class up your apartment and say once and for all, “hey, a functioning adult lives here.” (more…)

Budgeting In Your 20’s? Here’s How to Stop Riding the Struggle Bus and Do It Right


LB Note: This is Torie’s first byline. It’s definitely been a minute for me since my early 20’s – but I’ve loved reading her thoughts on budgeting just out of school. Take it away Torie!

Your early 20’s are rough. If you’re anything like me, being a 20-something mostly consists of stressing about school, stressing about money, and then ultimately stressing about how stressed out you are. It’s a confusing time, but budgeting in your 20s doesn’t have to be difficult.

I think what makes your early-adult finances particularly tough is that most of us don’t get a financial education unless you go looking for it. So you could technically go weeks, months, or years (yikes!) without setting a budget, simply because you didn’t think you needed it.

But let me tell you this: you need a budget.

I’ll help get you started with a few of the things that I’ve learned.  (more…)

Meet My Assistant Torie


You’ve heard me mention her a few times in my writing, you’ve likely seen photos of her on my instagram and snapchat, but now it’s time for you to officially meet my editorial assistant, Torie.


Because she’s going to be taking on more of an active role as we move through the rebrand and contributing to the new site!

Torie is just 22, and as I move into a new decade, I’m excited to rely on her expertise and perspective as an early twenty-something. I think between the two of us (and a host of other new contributors) we’ll be able to create a unique site and voice for anyone seeking to live their (financial) best life.

For fun, here’s a few things to know about Torie.  (more…)

Need Extra Holiday Cash? Here are the Best Survey Sites to Start Hustling With


Companies are constantly trying to figure out what consumers want. So what if you could get paid to tell them your opinions? That’s the idea behind survey sites. The “best survey sites” are ones that are legit and easy to use. They’re also very popular with stay-at-home moms, students, and people who are just looking to get paid from home.

I mean, survey sites can be a great way to side hustle when you need extra cash, but with the holidays just around the corner…we figured it was time to put together an anthology. There are plenty of survey sites out there, so we tested the most popular ones and came up with our five favorites. There’s plenty of variety here so we’re sure you’ll find one that fits your needs!


WPengine vs. Bluehost? Which Should You Use to Start Your Own Blog?

Wpengine review + tutorial

If you’re a consumer in today’s world you know there are a lot of companies for any type of service. Want a smart phone? You can choose from Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile etc. Want cable? You can go with Comcast or DirectTV or nix cable altogether and stream. The possibilities are endless and the same goes for web hosting. Lots of providers – so which do you choose? Today we’re going to talk about WPEngine. 

Those of you who know me know I put my reputation behind the affiliates I recommend, which is why when Bluehost was offering me less than stellar service, I cancelled my own service with them and printed a retraction because I know many people bought service with them through my affiliate link. So, rest assured. I take this stuff SERIOUSLY.


5 (Totally New and Completely Fresh) Ways to Save Money in 2017

shoppers voice

This post is sponsored by Shopper’s Voice. 

Based on the post, Fresh Ways to Save Money on Just About Anything, we’ve put together five more (super unique, if I do say so myself) ways to save money in the new year.

Because really, I’m all about learning new and different ways to save at any time of the year, but I understand that as the holidays approach our financial plans and priorities take a backseat to taking in the holiday season.

With that said, keep in mind that 2017 is a fresh slate and hopefully these tips will help jump-start your saving goals once January rolls around (or if you’re super motivated…perhaps even before then.)


How to Change Careers Without Going Back To School

change careers without going back to school

Ah, college. You fun, expensive, tedious monster. Some days I miss college, but most days I’m just happy it’s over. (I’m sure most people would have a similar sentiment.) But what can you do when you fall out of love with the job you got your degree for? Or better still, end up in a career path that isn’t a match with your degree or interests?

Maybe you just want a change or are excited by a new opportunity. So, how can you land that new job without going back to school?

With the astronomical burden of student loans weighing on most millenials, I’m one of the few unicorns who graduated without any student loan burden (Thanks, Mom and Dad!) Perhaps because of this, I was super reluctant to go back to school and take out loans.

I’m lucky that my blog led to a different career path than the one I was on, (click here to learn how to start a profitable blog of your own…) but I worked really hard at it before I earned a single dollar.

Here are the steps I took to go from actress to admin to a full blown career in marketing as a content strategist, and finally a professional blogger.  (more…)

My Biggest Announcement Yet…


Photo credit: Shelby Rae PhotographyFour years ago I moved from NYC back to Atlanta. During a job

Four years ago I moved from NYC back to Atlanta. During a job interview, they asked me what I wanted for my future (as they do in most job interviews.)

I want to publish a book by the time I’m 30.” I said.

Truthfully, I’ve wanted to be a published author since I was a little kid when I would spend my free time indoors writing plays and short stories.

30 was just an arbitrary number, but I saw having a book published as a great trajectory for me and my (then) baby blog.

After four years of writing about finance and a handful of self published products of my own, I’m excited to announce that I’m finally going to be a published author to not one, but two books with Coventry House Publishing.

They’ll be publishing an as-yet unwritten (and untitled) book about my experiences with money AND the paperback version of my recent release, “The Millennial Homeowner: A Guide to Successfully Navigating Your First Home Purchase.” Click here to buy your copy on Amazon!


How Popular Fashion Bloggers Make Money Online

popular fashion bloggers and the money you need to get started

I’m obsessed with popular fashion bloggers. Seriously – I love looking at the beautiful photos and trying to copy the way they style outfits. Somehow, even though I have similar items I never know how to put them together into something magical. Fashion styling simply isn’t a skill that I have (and usually anytime I look good someone has styled it for me!)

Something about these women makes fashion so much more accessible than styled shoots you see in magazines.I’m also a fan of anyone who can make a living as a digital influencer online.

Whenever I need a break from writing/editing/running my business, I spend a few minutes perusing popular fashion bloggers’ sites. (I like Cupcakes and Cashmere, Pink Peonies, Classy Girls Wear Pearls, Southern Curls and Pearls, and Atlantic Pacific, to name a few!)

For fun and because I’m so interested, I wanted to spend a piece digging into how much it costs for popular fashion bloggers to make money online and how much they make each month.


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