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The Five Steps to Quit Your Day Job and Pursue What You Love

quit your day job

Speaking from first hand experience, taking the plunge from part-time side hustler to full-time business owner is something that is terrifying.

“If it was easy, everyone would do it,” as they say.

But being able to pursue your passions while also making money is just so genuinely satisfying that I want to help as many people do it as I can – I’ve written two workbooks, made a toolkit, and offer personal coaching to help others reach their goals!

But this isn’t about me.

It’s about how you can get to a place where you no longer have to go to a 9-to-5. Where you can follow your passions and pursue what you love.


Harnessing the Power of Social Media for a Blog


*this post is part of a sponsored collaboration with Comcast Business!

If you read my latest post on what my typical blogger workday looks like, you’ve gotten a good look behind the curtain here at LBMT. After revealing some of the quirkier things that I get to do daily, Comcast Business wanted to know more about the importance of Social Media and how I utilize it to grow my blog. The truth is, social media is a blogger’s best friend.

And if you don’t follow my twitter, instagram, pinterest, etc. etc. (#shamelesspromo) you might not realize how social media directly impacts my ability to pay the bills.

How I Leverage Social Media in My Blogging Business


Sticking to My Daily Spend Limit + What I Learned

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 3.27.03 PM

*This post is part of a sponsored collaboration with Wela 

Last week you read my juicy confession about a few of the problems I’ve been having lately with both tracking my spending and staying on budget.

Wela, a new financial technology, was built to help busy folks integrate financial planning into their daily routine. Over the next few weeks the app is helping me tackle these issues and I’m documenting my experiences.  (more…)

Tips For Balancing a Full Time Job and a Side Hustle

balancing a full time job and a side hustle

Side Hustles are one of my favorite methods of making extra money, and I love encouraging my readers to start up a side hustle. This blog originally began as a side hustle and l never imagined that it would become my full time job.

Click here to see how to start a blog, or here to learn how I made $50k from my blog side hustle.

That being said, I’ve been extremely lucky in that I was able to grow my side business into a full-time endeavor. But I remember those days all too well.

When I was still working a 9-5 in an office, blogging was both an escape and a burden.

There were days that I just didn’t have the motivation to write after already working all day. My work-life balance became more of a work-work balance. I wasn’t doing too great managing, so both areas suffered.

Since going full time with the blog I’ve also learned my own tips and tricks for side hustlers (that I wish I knew when I was starting out!) (more…)

Struggling with Budgeting and Savings Goals? Meet Benjamin

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 1.00.45 PM




*this post is part of a sponsored collaboration with Wela.

Want to know a secret? I’ve gotten pretty lazy with budgeting since I started working for myself last year.

And when you get lazy with your budget, your savings muscles start to atrophy.

So when the Atlanta-based FinTech company, Wela, reached out to me for a partnership, I jumped at the chance. If I’m struggling to meet my goals on my own, why not test out a new technology to make things easier for myself?  (more…)

20 Things I Learned During the First Year of Being My Own Boss

being my own boss

On April 10th 2016 I celebrated being in business for myself for one year. I wanted to do a post to commemorate the occasion, but then life hit and I got behind on what I had to do for clients and the milestone passed without much fanfare.

Waiting awhile to celebrate has allowed me the opportunity to really sit and think about this past year, everything I’ve learned, and what it’s meant.

If you take the 6 month, “10 Things I Learned Post” and add it to this one that’s 30 (!!!) things I’ve learned in one year.

And these are just the highlights.

But the long and short of it all is this: I’ve never learned more this year than in any other of my entire life.


How I Made $6,430 in Online Income in May 2016

online income

ICYMI: Last month I decided to start chronicling how much I make online each month. Not that I have a big desire for this blog to become all about making money online, but it’s an important part of my own personal financial journey.

And honestly the response was awesome, but a little weird at first and it took some getting used to 🙂 . I got lots of questions both in person and via text and email, which I loved.

If you’re super into online income reports, here are the handful I’ve done (the first three are from when I used to work full time and used this blog as my side hustle…)

Yes, this month was down from last month which was disappointing, but I’ve had a lot going on (putting on my actor’s cap and doing a three week run of Anything Goes, mostly). The good news is that I’m already booked for a super strong June, so I think this is really just a step back before the arrow launches ahead.  (more…)

The Four Biggest Lessons I Learned from Buying My First Home

four biggest lessons from learning first home

This post was created in partnership with Allstate

You know that old adage, “you never forget the first?” – first kiss, first job, first big financial purchase. You’ll also never forget your first home, and I know I won’t forget mine. I’ve documented my home ownership story on my blog quite a bit, (here, here, and here) and it’s definitely been a roller coaster.

But there have also been lots of amazing lessons. Here’s what I learned from buying my first home.


First Time Homebuyer Q&A with Redfin Real Estate

first time homebuyer

This is NOT a sponsored post.

….But given that it is home ownership month, I wanted to get in a real expert (read, real estate agent) to answer your most pressing questions. I called upon former brand partner, Redfin, to field questions from readers.

Over one hundred of you responded (!!!) when I asked for questions, (home ownership is super tricky, I get it) and here are the questions I picked to be answered by Atlanta Redfin Agent, Adrian Smith.

Also- I get that this post is hella long, but it is PACKED (packed, I tell you!) with important information first time buyers need to know. Here are the questions, so feel free to read and skip ahead if you want 🙂

  • Are there options that will let me put less than 20% down?
  • Is it true you get approved for about 3x your salary?
  • What is the biggest mistake you see first time buyers making?
  • What if my parents are gifting me a downpayment?
  • What should I do to prepare for homeownership if I work for myself?
  • What are some things to look for in a home if I am buying for the first time?
  • What are some questions I need to ask my agent?


How Much Does a Home Renovation Cost?

how much a home renovation costs

*some of the photos below are courtesy of Redfin

How much does a home renovation cost? A lot.

I’m kidding.

The answer of course depends on how much work you do to the home, prices in your area, and how much of the work you do yourself (DIY) vs. hiring a contractor.

I can’t give you a definitive answer on how much a home renovation costs, BUT I can share with you my experience: how much I paid, what I got for the money, AND how much I’ve made on the home in the last three years since I purchased.

Intrigued? Let’s go deep.


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