Budget Kitchen Backsplash Transformation (Smart Tiles Product Review)

The kitchen backsplash was the first thing to go from the budget when the renovation began running over on some of our projects. It’s an easy enough thing to DIY, but given that I have not one, but TWO walls of my kitchen in need of some detail, it was going to be expensive either way.

Here are some of the looks I was lusting after on Pinterest.

kitchen ideal 2 (more…)

How to Make a Career Change Without Going Back To School

I don’t get many emails, but I did get one the other day after I wrote about increasing my income on The Huffington Post. My lovely reader wanted to know how I was able to get into freelance writing, which then devolved into a conversation about my own unique career path, (you can see all 30 of my past jobs in this post here.)

With the astronomical burden of student loans weighing on most millenials, I’m one of the few unicorns who graduated without any student loan burden (thanks Mom and Dad!) Perhaps because of this, I was really reluctant to go back to school and take out loans. I’m lucky that my blog led to a different career path than the one I was on, but I worked really hard at it before I got there. Here are the steps I took to go from actress, to admin, to a full blown career in marketing as a content strategist.  (more…)

My $26 Custom Window Treatment Hack

window treatment before and after

I’ve been in the house almost a year now. And I just hung window treatments the other day. Whoops. Chalk it up to shifting priorities. Yet when the realtor came through to give me some tips on what I could to do make the house look more “finished” window treatments (at least blinds at the bare minimum in all of the rooms) is apparently a standard.

I’d pinterested  a pin to this link/tutorial some time ago, which showed how to customize a cheap roller shade. Which is exactly what I did. Except instead of fabric, I just used an old shower curtain. Here is how I did it.  (more…)

5 Things I Would Have Done Differently During My First Home Purchase

In the season finale of my web series Awkward Money Chat, I described how my house was my best money decision. Although, as many of you know the entire experience of purchasing, renovating and owning my home has been fraught with trouble. Until recently, I was contemplating selling the home and just being done with it (more on that later.)

I like to think of the first year of homeownership akin to (what I assume to be) the first year of marriage. It’s often the most difficult, because you don’t know what to expect. You’re used to something different (renting) and the entire year is spent adjusting. It isn’t as great as you think it would be, and it often involves a lot….a lot… of hard work.

Next week it will be my one year anniversary of closing on the house. I’m celebrating in my own small way, but there are still things I would change if I could. Here are the 5 things I would have done differently.  (more…)

Reflections On the First Season

It’s no secret that I hope to do a Season 2 of my “pet project” Awkward Money Chat. Still, I need to take a moment and reflect on just how awesome doing the first season was. Filming/editing took place over nearly 4 months (we filmed the first set of four on 2/28/2014 with the final shoot happening on 6/12/14!) and it couldn’t have happened without our awesome guests willing to come on and be a part of the show. Talking about your personal finances is never easy and I appreciate your willingness to open up.

I’m glad I managed to snag more than a few photos to help me remember this special time in my life. I also love how Murray is in a lot of these photos. That’s just how he was, always in the lap of whoever came by to visit.

picstitch (2)


Awkward Money Chat – SEASON FINALE

I bet you guys thought we forgot about this didn’t ya? We actually filmed this back in May, and had intended to run it right after Robin’s episode, but a few things happened and the web series fell to the bottom of the list. The fact that it has been so long makes me extra excited to share it with you.

I invited Matt back to turn the tables on me and ask me some of the hard questions I’ve been grilling my guests with since March. The result is delightfully awkward. Enjoy the season finale of Awkward Money Chat, and hopefully we’ll be able to come back near the end of the year for Season 2!

Little Updates (Volume 1)


Grief does really strange things to a person. Even though Murray has been gone for almost a month now, I still am not feeling quite as I used to. Don’t get me wrong- I’m feeling better, but it’s just..weird. I remember the first few days after he passed I couldn’t bend over and touch my toes, and I’d wake up inexplicably sore every morning.

I find that in grief’s place is a furious, frenetic energy I can only control by doing projects around the house. Since most of these little tweaks didn’t merit an update on their own, I’ve created a post that groups them all together just so you can see what’s been keeping me busy.


Who Takes Care of You?



It’s not a secret to anyone that I have a counselor I go see and talk to every now and again. Over the past year he has been immensely helpful in guiding me through my own feelings, which at times have been (and often still are…) completely overwhelming. While I hate starting off a sentence, or blog post with “my therapist said…” the other day he asked me a question that completely blew me away.  (more…)

When It Rains It Pours…(7 Things to Do When Someone Steals Your Identity)



You know that old wives’ tale about bad things happening in 3′s and 7′s? Well…as though of you who read regularly know, it hasn’t been my year. At all. On top of everything else going on, (uhm…here, here, and here…) I got a call from Wells Fargo last Wednesday notifying me that someone had stolen my SSN, also knew my address and was attempting to take out a credit card/loan.


So in the spirit of using what’s happening in my life more, I’m revitalizing my “Ask L.Bee” segment with a question I’ve always wanted to know the answer to, but never needed until now. (I used to get lots of questions, but if you feel like writing, just reach out and email and you could see your question up on the blog!)

I don’t know how this happened since I haven’t had my wallet stolen or anything, but I do have my suspicions. Thankfully, it seems as if we “caught it early” and got out ahead of it, but here are the steps to take in case you yourself find yourself the victim of identity theft.


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