Financial Etiquette: So Who’s Paying For the Birthday Dinner?

L Bee Note: Today’s post is by Anum Yoon who writes over at Current On Currency. I know many struggle with the “splitting checks” vs. “treating someone for birthday dinner” dillemma, so enjoy Anum’s post and then go sound off on your thoughts in the comments section. See you Monday!

If you ask who is supposed to pay for a birthday dinner, you’ll get a mixed response. Some believe whoever is hosting the party should always cover any expenses or think everyone should split the cost of the bill, including the guest of honor. Others believe guests paying for themselves and a portion of the cost for the person celebrating their birthday is perfectly acceptable.

The varied ideas of what constitutes proper birthday dinner etiquette can lead to some humiliating conversations if expectations aren’t communicated clearly before dinner. (more…)

How I Paid Off $8k in 90 Days


BIG NEWS IN CASE YOU HAVEN’T HEARD—I just got finished paying off a little over $8,000   ($8164.97 to be exact) in 90 days. (See my progress: Day 30, Day 60, and Day 90.) Three Months. No small feat. It’s the most aggressive goal I’ve ever set for myself, and one of the few that I’ve actually kept and completely smashed. I’ve been flooded with well wishes and congratulations ever since (thanks ya’ll!), but I’ve also been asked quite often how I managed to do it.

And I realized I’ve given tidbits here and there on how I planned to do it, but I wanted to put it all down in a post in case one of you feels inspired to get aggressive with your debt and get rid of it once and for all.  (more…)

Net Worth Update Q1 2015


Confession time: I mentioned last time about suspending the net worth updates, but I am serious ya’ll: this may be the last net worth update I do. Being single, dating, and having your whole life online gets weirder and weirder the later into my 20’s I get, so having how much I am “worth” out there for anyone to find is beginning to feel…you guessed it…weirder, and weirder.

The Bad News: I go back and forth. Come July you may find another update from Q2, but the good news (for me) is I still have three more months to think about it.

The Good News: (for you) A few of you asked about how paying off all my debt impacted my net worth, and since I’m still so giddy over the news, I caved in and decided to share.

Here it goes!


March 2015 Side Hustle Income Update

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 10.05.53 AM

January and February both felt like they dragged on. March? Blew by me in a blink. I can already tell by the way things are gearing up that I am in for a crazy, busy spring. I can’t wait! Still, despite everything else I had going on (leaving my full time job, planning Awkward Money Chat Season 2) I managed to keep my head down and make a decent amount of “side hustle” income last month.

My Income

I have multiple income sources of income, currently: a full time job, rental income from my house, my writing services business (Beehive Content, get it?), and income generated from activities on this blog, and from time-to-time random income from work related bonuses, good fortune, or Ebay.

I’ve written before about diversifying my income, and (personally) I like not having all of my eggs in one basket.

To learn more about how to grow your own money tree, you should sign up for the email list and get your FREE copy of my “Grow Your Money Tree” tool kit, which details further some of the strategies I use to make extra money each money. Click here to get yours!

Anyway, without further ado, here is the exact amount of $$ I made from side hustles in March 2015.  (more…)

Reshape Your Thoughts & Tackle Budgeting

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Despite the negative connotation that the word “budget” seems to carry, its side effects can actually be quite pleasant. Deciding to create and stick to a budget will be the single most valuable financial decision you will ever make for yourself.

RELATED: 10 Steps To Create Your Most Fabulous Budget Ever

Whether it’s lack of time, trouble getting started or genuine disdain for the word, we’d like to encourage you to make budgeting a personal goal for 2015. (more…)

About L. Bee (March 2015)


March was…..odd. But in a good way! (It was my birthday month after all…) And it passed in a blink so I suppose I can’t complain too much :) Here’s 3 things that have been taking up a lot of my mental and spiritual energy this month.

Planning for Season 2 of Awkward Money Chat



I originally intended to begin filming “Season 2″ of Awkward Money Chat in January, and release the new episodes in March. Then December came and went and I realized that wasn’t realistic. I’ve been dragging my feet a bit about the second season because I knew I wanted to change up a few things, but couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was. So, instead of thinking about it, I pushed it off for another day.  (more…)

Tax Filing For All The Last Minute Procrastinators

L Bee Note: This post is by the kind folks at Taxportunity. Enjoy! 

Unless you are married to or related to an accountant, there have always been two main ways to file your taxes.

Option 1: Do It Yourself – and Learn the True Meaning of Frustration

Online tax filing websites like TurboTax and H&R Block at Home seem appealing. In theory, they allow you to file your taxes without getting off the couch or turning off the TV. With no physical offices and fewer employees, they’re also cheaper than hiring a traditional accountant and filing in person.  (more…)

Tools to Manage Your Side Hustle


This is the second in a three part series on How to Start a Side Hustle (see here for part one – “How to get started”.) If you’re going to earn money on the side (which spoiler alert: everyone should!) you’re going to need to leverage a few tools to make your life easier and scale your business. Below are a handful that I love and use (Disclosure: only one of these links are affiliates/referral links, and 100% of the items/products listed here are things I use myself that I feel comfortable recommending.)

5 Tools to Manage Your Side Hustle


I love Dropbox. I use it to back up all of my computer files, but I also create a separate folder for each client, so I always have a copy of their work, our contract, and any other important particulars ready and available. I’ve definitely always been a “keep a paper copy” kind of gal, but Dropbox makes it so easy to access and share files, I’m quickly becoming a convert.  (more…)

How I Side Hustle: Making Money as a Nanny


L Bee Note: Since you guys are so interested in side hustles and earning extra cash, I am very excited to bring you something new- a series where I interview others who side hustle on their progress and how much extra $$ they bring in each month. It’s called “How I Side Hustle” and if you have a unique or interesting way of make money on the side- I want to hear about it. Just email me (lauren at and we’ll schedule an interview. 

Today I’m interviewing Kat, author of the blog Hello Pre Nurse, and one of my successful blog coaching clients. When I first met Kat I was shocked to hear about how many “side hustles” she had, and I thought she’d be a perfect fit for the first installment of this series. Enjoy!

Tell us all about your background and what you do for work full time.

I’m Kat and a pre-nursing student at GSU. I am somewhat of a weird person as I don’t claim a nationality. I was born in Suriname, Grew up in Haiti and lived in Jamaica for 10 years. I hold two certificates to two of those countries.  Before deciding to attend school full time. I worked full time as an Administrative Assistant for a major non-profit company. (more…)

5 Fresh Ways to Stay Motivated While Paying Down Debt

Since it’s been nearly five years since I originally paid off the $10k in credit card debt I racked up in college, I think I’d forgotten just how difficult it is to pay off debt. After revealing that I was still in debt, and posting two great progress updates (See January and February), a handful of readers have written to ask if I had any advice for paying off debt, including a great question on how I’ve been staying motivated.

Even though I’ve chosen to pay off my debt in a relatively short amount of time (just 90 days!), I’ve still had to put forth more determination and focus than I’ve spent on anything (save for this blog) in a very long time. Here are 5 of my own suggestions for how you can inspire yourself and stay motivated on your own debt journey, whether you’ve chosen a more short-term aggressive approach, or a slow and steady pace.


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