How to Get Better at Investing

I struggle with a lot of areas of my finances (recurring credit card debt is one large example), but investing didn’t even count as a struggle for me. This is because I usually just ignore the stock market and investing as a whole. Don’t get me wrong–I contribute to my retirement like a good girl (as you should, too!), and let the money sit in Target Date funds while I monitor it passively on a monthly basis for my net worth updates.

Oh, and the few stocks I play around with are almost exclusively in Disney.

The reason I don’t pay much attention is because I feel like when I do try and learn I get very confused, overwhelmed, and frustrated very quickly. Even though I spent almost two years working for a big-money hedge fund in NYC, I never understood the basics of investing. The jargon is like legalese- you think you understand what it means, but you actually don’t.

Sound Familiar?

It’s meant to be intimidating and scary, but since most people are encouraged to start investing, how is anyone ever supposed to get better at it? Well now, there’s a fantastic solution to this problem. (more…)

About Me…(January)

Sorry for the break in financial content (actually, sorry I’m NOT sorry) but I have a few things going on this month that have really impacted my life and work and I wanted to take a moment and share them with you.


Wasn’t it Charles Dickens in A Tale of Two Cities who said, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” I effing love that quote, mostly because it is SO true. Every time in my life that I thought was bad, was actually great for me in a lot of ways (2014 in its entirety excluded…), for example, my time in New York. I was miserable, poor and cold 90% of the time, but I often look back on that “era” in my life with a lot of nostalgia. Surviving that city made me tougher in a lot of ways.

Anyway, January has been both the best of times and the worst of times.


Let’s Talk About Tax Baby…Let’s Talk About..(5 Tips for Tax Time)

Many thanks to Free Tax USA for sponsoring this post. 

It is almost the end of January, and taxes aren’t due for another ten weeks or so. But for all of you business owners, side hustlers, and organized maniacs out there, mid-winter is an excellent time to start thinking and talking about..taxes. (See what I did in the title there? Cute, right?)

As unsexy as taxes are (and trust me, as a freelancer I KNOW how much they suck) preparing early and often can take a lot of the burden off of you. Here are my top 5 tips for tackling tax season.

Make a Check List

If you are the type of person who works for one company and that is your only source of income. Great! But if you are a side hustler, or someone who has multiple income streams, you are probably pulling out your hair wondering what W2’s, 1099’s and other documents you are waiting for.  (more…)

Q4 2014 Net Worth Update


Well….it’s finally here. My last Net Worth update for 2014. Since revealing my deepest, darkest secret on the blog last week, (Spoiler Alert: I’m horrible at debt!) you shouldn’t be too surprised by what you see and read here today, so let’s get started!  (more…)

My Darkest Financial Secret



This will be a tough post to write. Not because the news contained within is shocking or surprising, but because it is the first time I’ve been completely, totally, 100% honest my own money choices. Here is my deepest, darkest, dirtiest secret about my finances…. (more…)

5 Things I Learned About Money in 2014


It’s no secret to anyone who keeps up with me regularly that 2014 was a tough year for me: both personally and emotionally. 2014 was also a year rife with financial missteps and money lessons well learned. Since writing helps me process my feelings, I thought it would be fun to get “on paper” and share the 5 things I learned about money in 2014.

I Learned More About My Own Relationship With Credit

Some folks love credit cards: they churn, burn, and rack up rewards points like pros. I am not this kind of a person. A) Because it is too much for me to keep up with and B) because I don’t have a great track record when it comes to handling credit. (That’s why you will never..ever.. see me repping credit cards or posting affiliate links for credit cards, even the ones I use and like.) (more…)

The “Grow Your Money Tree” Tool Kit

I hope everyone had a great holiday! I’m technically still supposed to be relaxing/not working, but since I plan to take a few extra weeks to shore up the blog in the new year I wanted to leave you with some information about a new piece I’ve written.

Shortly before the holiday, I unveiled my new “Grow Your Money Tree” tool kit to email subscribers new and old. In case you find yourself missing the old L Bee in the weeks to follow, I highly encourage you to check out this FREE tool kit.

In this tool kit I reveal:

-The 3 Important Steps to Earning More Money
-How to Start Your Own Side Hustle
-Why Income Diversification is Important (& How You Can Start Doing It!)

and more. It’s a short e-book, but (in my humble opinion) definitely worth a read. Sign up for the email list to get your free download.

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful new year! See you in Mid-January 2015!

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A Peek At My Annual Holiday Party

Thank you Yahoo! for sponsoring this post. While this was a sponsored opportunity from Yahoo!, all content and opinions expressed here are my own.

This holiday season flew…FLEW by, but I managed to sneak in my second annual holiday party just before all of my favorite people left town for the holidays. I like hosting people over at my house. It makes me feel warm and fuzzies about my house and the people I love, and this year I wanted to elevate the food/decor over what I put together last year. So I took a look at Yahoo! DIY and this is what I came up with. Here’s a peek at some of the party highlights!

LR decor xmas

christmas tree 2014 (more…)

The Top 10 LBMT Posts of 2014

Strap Yourselves In folks, It’s about to get funky. I’m time warping through the 125 posts I wrote this year to bring you the top 10 of 2014. I got this little idea from former staff writer Michelle, and thought it was so cute I had to get in on the fun!

The Lifestyle Section

#10 – The New Rules for Wedding Gift Etiquette – You can’t see them now since I switched to a new comments plugin, but I got A LOT of comments on this piece. Seems like everyone has an opinion on what is/isn’t acceptable when it comes to gifting come wedding season. I broke down what I have/haven’t heard and what I PERSONALLY feel is acceptable. Check it out!

#9 – The LBMT 2nd Blog Birthday (or as I like to call it- my “blogversary”) – The infographic showing my blog’s growth since year one makes me happy.  (more…)

The LBMT Fuss Free Holiday Guide


Ah. The holidays. They’ll creep up on you if you don’t watch out. Last year I had the stomach flu on Thanksgiving, and the actual flu on Christmas Eve and Day, and just generally felt like poo because I’d called off my engagement. Thankfully, I’ve had a bit more emotional bandwidth this year and was able to prepare, so,  I love the holidays and this year I’m back with a vengeance.

But for me, holiday merriment is always a low key affair. I can see how people get swept up in it, but don’t understand why they allow themselves to do so. It’s meant to be a season of togetherness, and I try to bear this in mind with most of what I do. So here’s what I do to keep my holidays frugal and fuss free.

Mail Holiday Cards

Hands down this is my favorite part of the season. I love sending and receiving snail-mail all throughout the year (it’s a lost art, really..) but Christmas is the one time where everyone seems to love it just as much as I do. Every day I come home to either a Christmas package on the front stoop (more on that later), or a lovely holiday card from friends and family in the mail. (more…)

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