A new TV-Want or Need?

Well actually, I would have to argue that yes…. yes I do NEED a TV.  But first, let me explain a little bit about my predicament.  I have a little baby of a TV-32 inches, bought on sale from the Best Buy at Lincoln Center in NYC for only $200. I was paying off my credit cards at the time, and $200 was a lot. So I actually SAVED UP to buy this television, which is the first (possibly, only?) time I have ever done that.

A year and a half later, after three big moves, poor TV is tired. She still works, but sometimes crackles and blacks out for a minute or two. She’s not very reliable, which makes me sad. I’m glad I only spent $200 on a TV that I’ve thrown here there and everywhere, but at the same time, I can’t help but wonder if you get what you pay for when it comes to electronics.

So my TV is crapping out, I just paid an ungodly amount to have my car fixed, and I’m buying a house (but more on that next week..) Suffice to say, a new television just isn’t in the budget right now, even though I really think a working TV is more of a “need” than a “want” for me.

Hear me out: I think a television would be a great investment since watching my favorite shows at night is the primary way I unwind after a hard day at work. Television is my primary source of entertainment, as my boyfriend and I spend countless hours watching our favorite shows together. We don’t pay for cable, but having a bigger screen to watch shows via the internet is nice, and since I get use of it everyday, I consider a TV as something I need, even though I know better. You NEED some form of entertainment, right? Why shouldn’t it be a television?

Lucky for you…you don’t have to make the choice between wants and needs, as I am participating in a MEGA giveaway of this beautiful 50 inch, 1080p Samsung TV. I’m not eligible to enter (Super sad face!), but you are…so check out the rafflecopter widget below. It is available to anyone, anywhere, but we only pay $50 for shipping.


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  • http://www.thenorwegiangirl.com/ The Norwegian Girl

    I´m lucky.. BF is always the one who buys TV´s around here.. Ok, that sounded like he`s constantly buying tv`s.. he really isn`t!! But he bought one 5 years ago, and then sold it around christmas, and used some christmas money to buy a new one, which is soooo great! Who needs movietheatres with today`s TV technology?!

  • http://www.mycrazyrichlife.wordpress.com Francieidy

    We just purchased a new Samsung 51 inch TV and we are so happy. We (like you) had a baby 32 inch that was already 4 years old, it still works great, but we’ve been looking for a bigger TV for a while now. You should check out Best Buy’s open box deals, they often have brand new TVs that people bought, took home and returned (never used). You’ll save a bit of money that way. And I’m with you on it being your main source of entertainment. We never go out or do anything so TV is date night. Good luck, hope you can get one for a good price.

  • http://www.thousandaire.com Kevin @ Thousandaire.com

    For me a TV is not a necessity. For my fiancee, it is. That’s why we have a huge 1080p LCD TV.

    Check open box items if you are buying a new TV. Ours was like 30% off or something because it was open box at Best Buy.

  • http://genxfinance.com/ KC @ genxfinance

    If it’s no longer serving its purpose, buy a new one. You can always wait for a sale to save money.

  • Jackie

    My advice on this subject (it could make for a good post later) is to do research on the best time of the year to buy a tv and save money that way. There are many things that are cheapest at certain times of the year– cars, outdoor furniture, electronics, clothes, etc. Wait for the sales!

  • http://www.brickbybrickinvesting.com Brick By Brick Investing | Marvin

    We recently made the decision to start reading more books and watching informative videos on youtube. So we planned to give up tv BUT if you’re giving one away we’ll gladly take it! =)

  • http://www.moneyandpotatoes.com zimmy@moneyandpotatoes.com

    We have a 3 year old Vizio 32in TV in the living room as our primary TV. The TV sometimes cuts out and other times has a crazy red line down the middle of it. We could sure use a new TV and this one would do nicely.